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February 19, 2018 - a new drawing: “Halfling Art Evolution 2018”

December 29, 2017 - a new drawing: “Comb-Seeking Centauress”

December 27 - “Cheerful Wenches,” a tickle-vignette

December 9, 2017 - a new drawing: “Green-Skinned Alien Slave Women”

November 17, 2017 - a new drawing: “Four Tickle-Bunnies”

November 1, 2017 - a new drawing: “Half-Elven Odalisque”

About Me

I’m a writer and artist who is into bondage - as in physical restraint, rather than as a shorthand for the whole gambit of BDSM activity. Mostly I’m into women being tied (or otherwise restrained), either by me or (in fiction) by a male character I can identify with. The methods used can vary, but my ideal is that the woman can struggle as hard as she likes, without either getting loose or hurting herself. Oh, and that she’s barefoot. I’m a “If the woman isn’t barefoot, she isn’t in bondage, she’s just... tied up” kind of guy.

In fact, I’m sincerely allergic to sexualized pain and to most sorts of SM play in general. This extends to “verbal” and “psychological” SM as well. I like any D/s that comes along with the bondage to be of the happy and cheerful sort, with insults, degradation, and other such sadistic elements left out. Also, I want to see bondage that’s comfortable and pain-free. I itch and break out in hives at predicament bondage, painful bondage, and fictional descriptions of bondage that emphasize how the restraints become more and more uncomfortable with time.

I like instead to see bondage combined with pleasure. This can range from the comfy & cuddly feeling that goes with being tied up, to various kinds of pampering, to intense pleasures “inflicted” on the captive in order to provoke ecstatic and useless struggles. A big aspect of this for me (but not the only one) is tickling - tickling as a pleasure, rather than “tickle TORTURE!!!” Here I’m more focused on the feet. For bondage in general, I just want feet to be bare and there without a big focus on them. Also with tickling I’m more willing to see myself (or a male character I identify with) as the victim. That’s still a minority interest for me, however.

I’m also turned on by the idea of exotic fantasy slavery - the more exotic and luxurious, the better. The slavegirls don’t necessarily have to be human, but they do need to be pampered PLEASURE slaves, rather than sexual chew-toys that their masters use to indulge their nasty masterly impulses. This has given me a love-hate relationship with the Gor novels. On one hand, they have a number of elements that hit my hot-buttons, and on the other hand they include a number of things that provoke a strong ick & squick response from me. They’re like moonshine whiskey, they’re of uneven quality, have a nasty taste, and are at least faintly toxic. But they do pack a real 100 proof emotional punch. I’ve searched for a smoother, sweeter literary tipple, failed to find one, and ended up writing a couple of novels myself, partly as hommages to Gor, and partly as an answerback to it.

My squick, ick, and leaves-me-cold buttons do as much to describe me as my turn-ons. Some of the more important ones are: I’m very heterosexual, to the point where “hot girl-girl action!” leaves me cold, to say nothing of hot guy-on-guy action. I’m squicked by, and just don’t get, the whole oral sex thing. “Keep the mouth above the waist, please.” I’m unfond of sexualized scat, piss, and blood. I can appreciate gags, but I mostly prefer to leave them off - and drool makes me go “yuck!” I don’t like piercings, to the point where even ear-rings are marginal for me. And as I mentioned above, I really don’t care for pain or humiliation.